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gervais – a dirty ugly word

Gervais – a dirty ugly word

There is a new swear word, first seen on twitter yesterday 

"@: Yes. RT @: @ What a fucking gervais." < Call the OED! We have a new insult!
Duncan Edwards

People are using it as a term of abuse, the disabled community are ‘reclaiming’ the word ‘gervais‘ as a new swear word. I am using it to mean a disablist bully who is running out of jokes.


Word: Gervais

What’s the definition?

1. A disablist: someone who mocks someone who has a disability

2. A bully who makes cheap jokes about disabled children and adults but claims he doesn’t mean ‘that’.

3. Someone who uses out dated offensive terms such as mong and refuses to acknowledge that they are offensive and cause distress to disabled people, their families, friends and carers.

4. A hasbeen desperate ex comedian who has run out of ideas and wants to generate publicity for his flagging career.

5. Someone who thinks they can ‘reclaim’ a word that wasn’t their word to reclaim in the first place.

Became a popular insult after Ricky Gervais began to use the word mong for cheap laughs about his tool Karl Pilkington.


“Don’t be such a bloody gervais, nobody uses the R-word any more”

“He’s pulled a face, tweeted it and called himself a mong. Sad desperate gervais.'”

pathetically unfunny gervais

Pulling a 'gervais'. The pathetically unfunny Ricky Gervais does a 'mong' impression

“You can’t say retard now, stop being a total gervais.”

“Don’t park there without a blue badge, you ignorant gervais!


It isn’t the first time Ricky Gervais has got into trouble over the use of the word ‘mong’. Last year he used it to insult singer Susan Boyle.

In May 2010, he was criticised by Xanthe Breen, of the Down’s Syndrome Association, who said in this Daily Record article: “We’ve had a campaign to have that particular word removed from common usage and we really don’t want a resurgence.”

Ricky Gervais obviously does want a resurgence and a bit of publicity to help his new tour. I don’t think I will bother… but I have a new swear word.

For more on this please see this article

Please link to this post on the word gervais. If enough of you do, Ricky might see it listed when he googlebates.