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Tinderbox video- from new musical NICKED

Tinderbox video – from new musical NICKED

TINDERBOX eh? Whats is that all about then? It starts slow and is mostly all about the AV debate. Which, as we all know, is ancient history now. Its not an AV propaganda trailer for yes2AV or no2AV. You might think it is halfway through but it definitely isn’t.

It looks like it is part of an interesting new musical about the  political year we have just had and the relationship of the three party leaders. The Cameron isn’t a very good likeness but otherwise it is very good.

Have a watch and give it a chance. I’m looking forward to finding out more and am going to follow the twitter accounts

@nickedmusical and @mrsamhodges

I don’t think I can get trabasack in here anywhere….no I can’t. Nor can I find out why its called tinderbox. There isn’t a tinderbox mentioned or cigars, pipes, tobacco or any smoking references. Did I miss that? No lighters, cigar cutters or smoking accessories of any type. Hang on! If you smoked a pipe and wanted to carry it around in a convenient bag with a small faux leather wipe-able surface to stuff and pack your pipe a trabasack would be ideal!

Smoking tray

A tinderbox as used to light a pipe or cigarette perhaps. From the olden days...

In fact, you could even put a lighter or a tinderbox inside the bag space, get it out when needed and light your pipe. The materials of a trabasack are fire retardant you know, tested according to the stringent standarts of the automotive industry. I won’t quote the number of the test, but handy if you are a smoker eh?


I’ve not even considered trabasack as a tray/bag for smokers. There is probably a market there, so more work to be done new pages etc. In its own way this video has therefore been creatively inspirational. Best of luck to them all. Is that 300 words yet?

This page first appeared on the trabasack website under tinderbox

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