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A clever artist’s tray

Trabasack as an Artist’s Tray

If you’re a budding cartoonist or professional illustrator it’s very likely you like to sketch on the go as well as from your studio. Whether you’re getting inspiration from the Great British countryside or an excursion further afield, you need a safe and secure way of transporting your materials and also, to save space, a portable surface to sketch from. Rather than carrying along your easel or looking for a suitable surface to sketch on, consider taking along a Trabasack – it’ll solve all your problems.

Why take a Trabasack on your artistic getaway?

Whatever your medium, Trabasack provides a fantastic level surface to work from and also acts as a great storage space. You can store your materials within the Trabasack and then whip them out when you’ve found your perfect landscape or inspirational spot. It really is that easy.

When it’s time for a break, you can even use your Trabasack to eat your lunch or snack from or simply put it on your back and make your way to the nearest café or bar. There really are endless options with the Trabasack.

As this photo shows, Brian Adcock, Scottish Cartoonist of the Year 2010, deftly uses his Trabasack to sketch whilst away in Portugal. This image really encapsulates how useful the Trabasack is and Brian describes it himself as his ‘trusty Trabasack” and like many of our customers, it seems it has become an indispensible accessory for his travels.

An Artist’s Tray for every occasion

The great thing about Trabasack is that you can use it for your artistic escapes and trips but you can also use it at home in your garden or simply sat in your front room. If you’re ever pressed for space and an idea suddenly comes to you, you don’t have to save it for later; you can simply pull out your sketchpad lie it on your tray and sketch away to your heart’s content.

The possibilities are endless. A perfect tray and bag for artists.


Special Bags for Scientists, Musicians and Maverick Types

Special Bags for Scientists, Musicians and Maverick Types

There are bags and special bags. Sometimes you meet some one who helps you learn a lot in a short time.

Domain valueA maverick, one of the internet’s most interesting trickster teachers.


Friends help each other. If you can, you should help out a mate. Everyone knows that. Someone has helped me and I would like to reciprocate that help. They have created a page on hubpages about special bags. The page describes some unusual but very useful bags that not everyone will know about. He is very well informed about these special types of  bags and is drawing on personal experience of using them in very unique and versatile ways.

I found the ‘special bag page’ on hubpages  interesting for three reasons.

1. I am intrigued as to how hubpages works. I am sure I will find out more as this page features my product, Trabasack. I should if sales increase or my site benefits because of it.

2. There were bags discussed that I had never heard of. I am amazed there is a bag that has a flow meter in it! Also that the pelican cases are so indestructible. I had never heard of Pelican cases until I read a page created by my friend on the whoisbid.com site.

3. There are many diverse ways of describing bags and their special uses. Everyone buys a bag with a specific purpose in mind. Whether it is a handbag, laptop case or shopping bag. People have a function in mind when making their choice and I should try to write more about those different functions and benefits when describing trabasack.

Brett Domino and Steven Peavis in the JT Video

Still image from the Brett Domino Justin Timberlake Medley video

The bags discussed in the article are mostly engineering or scientific bags but I notice that there is now a mention of iPad purses. A phrase I had never heard before!

Musicians Bags

I still have a post in mind for using Trabasack as a musicans bag. I have a friend who is using one for his musical performances. In addition of course to the famous Brett Domino Justin Timberlake Video!  Trabasack is also frequently used by people using the amazing new accessible musical instrument Skoog.

We also are creating a whole new blog about using trabasack as a tote bag for crafts. But I am digressing!

Musicians use trabasack bag as a mount.

Musicians use trabasack bag as a mount.

Music these days is pretty scientific you would need to be a sound engineer to understand that lot on on the image displayed!

If you would like to see the three scientific and engineering bags mentioned in this post then visit this hubpages post all about Special Bags and Cases for Scientists