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Disability Hacker: New Gadgets and Resources Site

This looks an interesting new site Disability Hacker

Created by Ceri, it is a new site to share tricks and gadgets to ‘hack’ disability.

disability hacker

Ceri is a creative problem solver and social media manager for a small charity

At they moment they are adding new information to the resource page. I was invited to add the following about trabasack:

 Trabasack is a bag that can be easily used on your lap for food, gaming or laptops and tablets. It is lightweight, can be attached with straps and has a firm upper tray top and a small bean bag underneath to make it level and comfortable on your knees.

Any one can use it and it looks like a smart bag but as a wheelchair user designed it has some easy to use features like ring pull zips, grab handles and multiple straps and attachment options for different shaped chairs and people!

The is even an option to have a soft fabric called ‘Connect’ that is velcro receptive so you can add a small rough patch of velcro to your phone or ipad to keep it secure when you are moving about! Trabasack is also very popular for children for more info about uses for children visit http://sensoryplaytray.com or http://buggytray.com

People who use switches and communication aids also get there own site at http://communicationaids.info

But the most popular use is still for all those occasions when you cannot get to a table or just want a cup of tea in bed or in front of the TV!


Ceri has also started a blog with recent tips on exercise and mouse control. I notice there is also a post about shoe laces but she has not discovered the marvel of Greeper laces yet! I better get over and comment!


The new Disability Hacker site is well worth a look, pop over and add some info!

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  • hackdisability:

    Hi Duncan,
    Thank you for the heads up on the tray and the laces. I’ve just put the tray into our links database to be published on the “Everyday Living” page in due course.
    Thank you,
    Ceri – Disability Hacker