Australian disability site RAMP UP hit by cuts – Activists have…

Australian disability site RAMP UP hit by cuts – Activists have created a crowdfunding campaign to fund a replacement.

More info here

To jump straight to the crowdfunding page click here 

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This is definitely the weirdest video you will see this week…

This is definitely the weirdest video you will see this week (slightly NSFW)

Warning for flickering images

Thundercat + Eric Andre – “Tron Song” I $5K Videos

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Interesting ruck ‘sack’ design that we WON’T…

Interesting ruck ‘sack’ design that we WON’T be copying ;-)

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This is really good advice and can be read for responding to many other issues, like racism and…

This is really good advice and can be read for responding to many other issues, like racism and…
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Doctor Who-style Tardis toilet appears on Bristol to Bath cycle…

Doctor Who-style Tardis toilet appears on Bristol to Bath cycle path

The flashing light on top of the Tardis alerts people someone is using the bathroom
A Tardis has appeared alongside a cafe on the Bristol to Bath cycle path – with a Victorian-style bathroom inside.

The replica of Doctor Who’s time-travelling machine was bought by the owners of Warmley’s Waiting Room Cafe.

They have spent the past few months turning it into the “Who loo”, complete with flashing light and Tardis sound effects.

Owner Justin Hoggans said: “It’s got everything you need; a toilet, sink, hot and cold water and a hand dryer.”

He said he was a big fan of the television show, a new series of which starts on BBC One this Saturday starring Peter Capaldi as the Doctor.

Mr Hoggans said: “This is a replica [Tardis], made by a carpenter in York.

“We’ve got a doorbell we can press in the cafe that makes the sound go off, so we do it when someone’s having their photograph taken outside – which is quite often.

“The light is operated off a motion sensor so as someone goes into the toilet, the lights inside and on top of the box go on to indicate the toilet’s in use.”

He said: “We needed a toilet to operate. We’ve got public toilets just opposite us, but they were shut down for about three weeks last summer so we needed a toilet.

“We thought, if we’re going to have it let’s make a feature of it.”

Source BBC

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Bulgarian artists are turning old communist-era monuments into…

Bulgarian artists are turning old communist-era monuments into super heroes! Russia is not happy.

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Titanic be like I nominate all passengers for the ice bucket…

Titanic be like

I nominate all passengers for the ice bucket challenge

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Innovative airplane tray

An innovative airplane tray

Have you ever felt like you wanted a portable desk? This is something we often hear, especially from frequent flyers. When you are travelling there is often a need for somewhere to put your food or drink or your book or other essential items such as your phone or iPod. Yes, most plans have that little flap down tray but realistically this is nowhere near big enough for all your items so you need a better solution.

Trabasack is that solution.

Using your Trabasack as an Airplane Tray

Trabasack is slim, lightweight and a fantastic alternative to that awkward little airplane tray attached to the seat in front of you. Your Trabasack is a great size and can hold a multitude of items so you can comfortably manage everything you want to have access to.

As your Trabasack is a tray as well as a bag, you can store all your items quickly when you need to. There is a range of ways you can carry your Trabasack including as a standard backpack or like a messenger bag.

Add-ons for your Trabasack Travel Bag

Whenever or wherever you travel, you’ll realise you can’t live without your Trabasack. Its dual purpose means that you have a fantastic storage unit as well as a tray surface which you can use in a multitude of ways. Other add-ons for your Trabasack include a non-slip mat, to ensure none of your items go missing if you hit a bit of turbulence and extra straps.

You could also consider opting for a Trabasack with the optional “Connect” surface. This “Connect” a tray surface made of a fantastic super soft material which means you can use Velcro to attach anything you want to your tray. Basically, you put the Velcro hook tape on your item (iPod, console whatever) and then simply place the item on the “Connect” surface and it’s stuck, unable to roll away or go missing!

Trabasack is an innovative answer to your travel troubles. You’ll find many occasions when you’ll need an airplane tray on your travels and you need look no further than Trabasack.

Dragon Transformation Selfie

Dragon Transformation Selfie

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shiek927: the-real-seebs: fenm-universe: thisisableism: [Imag…





[Image Description First Tweet: George Takei: She was filled with the holy…spirits. Picture of disabled woman standing up from her wheelchair to grab a wine bottle. 

Second Tweet: Margo Milne: So dissapointed in George Takei. 1) Most wheelchair users can stand and walk a few steps. 2) We’re allowed booze.]


Disgusting disablism by George Takei on twitter.

I was once very sick, and walking long distances tired me. When I went to the store, I would use their little carts. But I was still able to walk, and would occasionally get up to reach tall things, etc. Honestly, though, I felt awkward doing it, because I was afraid people would think I was faking my illness.

IOW: Fuck off, Takei.

So, somewhere in here this goes from “legit callout of a lapse in judgment” to “pretty much unjustified hostility”.

Disablism? why do people on Tumblr like making up new kinds of intolerance?

It reminds me of what JonTron said about being offensive in ways he didn’t even know existed. Like, they love just picking a random word and attaching an “-ism” to it (ooh! let’s make that a new game! I’ll go first: “bronyism”, “fedoraism”, “Dashconism”).

I mean, haven’t they seen Ferris Bueller?

You think disablism doesn’t exist and is just made up for fun? You are really that ignorant?


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